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Children and Past Life Therapy

 *Update 2022* I do not work often with children anymore because I prefer to work with the parent for the child. Unless everybody including both parents, me, and the child feel very comfortable for us working together, I now have a minimum age of 12 years old. Until and often also after that age, it is very easy and practical to work with the parent for the child, for 2 reasons. 1: Often the parent has unresolved issues that the child channels/reacts to. And/or the parent projects on the child. Working with the parents issues can give a lot of relief in the whole family system and less stress for the child,  and second, 2: working though past lives often violence and/or abuse can be part of the story, and I am not a fan of exposing young children to that kind of stories.
I still keep the below text, because exceptions are always possible.

When does a parent decide to take her child to pastlife therapy


First, the parent suspects there are past-life issues, and searches a therapist for the child. But what happens more, is that the parent knows a therapist, or is recommended a therapist. So, actually the therapist is more important than the special techniques the therapist uses.

 Having said that, there are several reasons to do Past Live Therapy (PLT). It is quite common for children to have spontaneous memories about past lives, especially when they are young, no more than seven years. Of course, this doesn't have to be problematic. But, is is possible that the child does give signals that there is 'something' that bothers it. Usually it is the parent, usually the mother, who finds out the child has problems. 

 Problems, can be anything. 'Difficult', or rather too quiet, being bullied at school, not wanting to go to school, belly aches, anxiety, bedwetting, always fighting with peers, fearsome dreams, not wanting to be touched. Even children who have a life-threatening disease can get some relief of anxiety through this therapy, to help them to have less fear of dying, suffer less, let go of stuff, to help them for their next lives. Children with high mental capacities can sometimes be quiet and withdrawn, and even underachieve at school. In therapy they can learn to make contact with themselves, their own inner being, and learn they are not weird.

Parents often decide to do alternatieve therapy because they have heard it works, or because they have lost trust in allopathic therapy, or because they are treated themselves. Most of the children who have PLT with me, are children of parents who are treated by me. It actually is good to do sessions with the parent(s) first, before working with the child. Very often a child carries energies of the whole family structure, like suppressed anger from the mother, suppressed sadness from the father. The child expresses the hidden (often unconscious)feelings of the parents.  A family is an organic unit.. Once I treated a mother who, like her four year old son, was afraid in the dark at home. When she had relived a past life where she had been robbed and murdered at night in her own home, afterwards her son, who didn't know what she had done in therapy, announced he was no longer afraid in the dark.  

So, I always want a conversation with the parents first, preferably one or two sessions too, to get to know in what kind of family the child lives. When it is time for the child to come to a session, I make contact, on the level of the child. It doesnt have to be quiet or nice or sit still.  It is important that it feels safe with me and in the room. When there is contact, I'll ask the child if it knows why it is here, what bothers it etc.We talk about school, about things it enjoys, about things it doesnt like. And we get closer and closer to what is going on.  I try to find out what it is what the child wants to achieve, what it would like to happen. We cannot do anything the child does not want.  

Methods for regressing: At a certain point I suggest we go look where the problem comes from, and maybe if we can change some. There are different methods I use, depending on the child and the contact we have.. The most direct method, is to let the child concentrate on the problem, how it feels in it's body, is there a movement, or are there words or sounds... By repeating the words or sounds, by finishing movements that are stuck, the childs gets into a kind of trance, in which it regresses to the/ a root of the problem. Another possiblity is to let the child make one or more drawings. With the right questions, things from the past emerge in the drawings.  

Young children are still very connected with such experiences, it usually is easy for them to get images or experiences from the past. It is one of the reasons why it is so nice to work with children. 

Another method I use very often is the kinesiologic muscle test. It is a very simple method to ask questions of and about the subconscious. It works with aults, and with children who are old enough to cooperate with the testing, about five or six years old. Most children think it is fun that their body answers questions. VEry soon they start asking questions themselves, like the boy who asked: ask my arm if I was a farmer near the Kilimanjaro in Africa. (Of course he was, he was already connected with his past life. The muscle test helped him to express his memories). For the children is is a safe method to make things they think others will think and say about is nonsense, more real.  Many children who have fragments of memories from past lives have been laughed at or ignored, or looked at strangely, and from then on shut their mouth about such memories. It happens a lot. In Holland a theologist Joanna Klink wrote a book about it, but I dont think it is translated. 

Sometimes I use visualisation for regression. For example, after relaxation I can ask the child to step on a cloud, and have the cloud take them to the past where it all started, or to walk through a tunnel with doors to different chapters of the book of lives..  

Of course I do not only work with past lives. It is alwasy possible the child is bothered with not-own energies, aftereffects of a difficult birth or prenatal times, and trauma's that originate in this life, like abuse. 

I use the same techniques with adults.

When we are at the point that there are past live memories, I go check where is the unfinished business. Usually we go to the death experience, which is unconscious or unfinished, like there are still emotions stuck. Or shock, from trauma like being murdered, or being killed when trying to take care of the family, or witness something horrible when being killed. It is also possible that it was a very 'heavy' life, like a slave experience, or having been hungry, or abused most of its life. Remember, the problems are caused by not so nice things from the past. We go through these memories in a way the child can handle, often dissociated, like seeing what happens through the eyes of a little bird high up in the sky, or a little spider at the ceiling. Very often an imagenary pet or a real stuffed animal helps to travel to the past, so the child can feel safe all along the experience.

I will give some examples of childrens past life regressions. The examples are all about dying unconsciously, which happens a lot. I.e. when you die suddenly by accident or by violence. Then not all of the personality goes back to the soul, but some 'gets stuck' in the past, in that moment. In therapy we go unstick it, so it won't block the energy in the present anymore.   

Examples (I changed details, because of privacy): Belly-ache and fear. An eight year old girl has always belly-aches when going to school. She is afraid of some boys who are a bit loud and laugh a lot. They dont bully her, but she is afraid anyway. When going to the root, we arrive in a past life in the Middle Ages, in the time of the hordes. She is a farmers wife, and on the field she is trampled and murdered on the field when the brutes on horses pass by. They laugh a lot and they kill her by cutting her abdomen. She does not realise she dies  and she is very afraid and has pain in her stomach. Every time when she is near men who laugh and joke among each other this 'memory' comes up subconsciously. After this session she stops being so afraid and has no more bellyaches when going to school.  

Another example. A thirteen year old girl sometimes just does not show up at school. Her parents don't notice it, because she goes away each morning to walk to school, and gets back in the afternoon. Sometimes her shoes are very muddy. The school contacts the parents and only then they know something is wrong. The girl had no idea where she goes on those days.  In the session we find out that in a past life she was a farmer. he worked hard for his family, and he was very attached to his land and his cows. One day when he was still a young man, he had an accident, and died from a head injury. He did not notice that, it happened to quick.  He continued to work on the land and take care of the cows, not knowing he did not have a body anymore. In his mind everything stayed more or less the same. And this is what the girl did. She went into some trance to the (very quiet) pastures in the neighbourhood and stayed with the cows. Hence the muddy shoes. After the sessions she did not disappear anymore.

A six year old boy can get very very angry, until he totally loses control. He wants to do something about the losing control, if I promise he can keep getting angry. He does not want to loose that. I assure him that is not what I do, take away the ability to get angry. In his past life, he is a UN soldier in Libanon. he is some kind of peace police, is what he thinks of himself. And then he is shot by a sniper.  He gets very furious about that. He experiences that the shot is in his arm, but what he does not notice, is that he also gets a bullet in his heart. His comrads get him in a tank. After a sort of fight or battle they have some kind of celebration, but he does not join, he stays very angry. There are dead people everywhere. He did not know he was dead too. And the bullet in his heart, he still carries around in his present life, and the anger. HE is still in some kind of war-energy. We brought the dead UN soldier consciousness that he was dead, and could go to a peaceful state. The fighting is over, ther is no was here in Holland with guns and tanks. We removed the bullet energetically from his heart. After the sessions he stays a very spontaneous combustible child, but he does not loose himself in his anger anymore.  

Another child, nine years old, also has a great deal of anger in him. In a past life he was a warrior, who defended his village agains pillagers. He was shot in the back with an arrow. In the session he drew the whole fight, and he buried the brave warrior under a pile of stones, while his spirit went up to the light. Because of this experience he came into contact with his higher self and experienced total peacefulness. 

How often and what does it cost. Often one session can change a lot, see examples I just gave. Sometimes a longer path is necessary, of five to ten sessions. It depends on the child, its parents and its problem how often it comes here for a session. A session of one hour and fifteen minutes costs 70 Euro. If we decide on a different time, it is 65 Euro per hour. You can call me (in Holland) at 0031 (0)633844492, or mail

The parent session can be done by phone or skype, and also energetically working for the child by the parent, can be done long distance, see my page about that.



Book: Carol Bowman: Childrens past lives.

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